Monty Miner
Plot :It sure is difficult working in a mine full of crazy creatures and strangely behaving machines. So difficult in fact that the owners have decided to close the mine down and lock it up tight for all time.
It's more difficult for Monty the Miner, as he hadn't actually left yet! Luckily for Monty, the owners left keys to all the doors scattered around the mine. Collect them all across 20 increasingly challenging levels and escape to freedom.Jump your way through each progressive level, across a variety of platforms including classic-styled and solid. Use conveyor belts, crumbling floor, elevators and moving platforms to avoid the denizens of the deep, navigate your way under and around the deadly spikes and ore crushers as you collect all the keys needed to unlock the doors and escape the mine.

20 challenging retro-styled platform levels with more to come
Intuitive swipe and tap movement.
Classic, old school gaming.
Great Jazz soundtrack.
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