The Amazing Adventures of
Lady Fanny Featherstone
Join the Lady Fanny Featherstone on her amazing adventures as she explores a lost island in this retro inspired puzzle platformer. Explore a world of Dinosaurs, be transported to ancient Egypt, tackle medieval knights and pirates, leap over zombies and mummies, and unraveal the mysteries of the far future. Discover and use host of gadgets as you delve deeper into a stange world, trapped in time.


Classic retro-styled platformer gameplay.
A large range of different platforms to navigate, with many unique properties.
Ride lifts and air bubbles to reach the unreachable
Non linear solutions to each level.
Manipulate platforms using levers, switches and strange devices.
Collect 24 different items to assist you, including batteries, magnets, fruit, potions, spring shoes, umbrella and more.
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